Do you use an interactive notebook in your class? You’ve come to the right place! I did it for the first time this year, using a Greek and Latin roots interactive notebook to build vocabulary. It was so effective and the kids loved it! Here are some freebies I found or made along the way. 1. An Interactive Notebook Rubric I use this rubric with my Greek and Latin roots interactive notebook. Students cut it out and attach it to the inside back cover of their…Continue Reading “Interactive Notebook – 4 Freebies for Any INB”

There’s a lot of reasons to teach math vocabulary in a math class. Below are four free resources for teaching math vocabulary in the middle school math classroom. 1. Math Word Wall Cards for Fractions Bring fractions to life with these easy-to-use word wall cards.  Nuts-and-bolts terms like denominator, numerator, reciprocal, and whole number are illustrated and defined. 2. Interactive Notebook for Coordinate Plane The foundation of so much middle school math is built. This INB is a good way to preview, review, teach, or re-teach the coordinate plane, its function, and…Continue Reading “4 Math Vocabulary Freebies”

Free root word tree and more! Over eighty percent of the words in the English language contain a root word. The origin of the root word may be Greek, Latin, Old English, Anglo-Saxon, or even Proto-Indo-European! A Word Tree is a tree-shaped graphic organizer to help students understand root words and the words they generate. Using a root word tree, students discover that prefixes, roots, and suffixes combine to create meaning. A root word tree is one of my favorite ways to teach word origins. Below, you’ll find links to…Continue Reading “Root Word Tree and Other Vocabulary Freebies”