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I Can Statements for K-8 ELA, Math, and Science

Easy-to-use printable I can statements that make academic standards easier for parents, students, and administrators to understand. Every standard is rewritten in kid-friendly I can language and accompanied by an illustrated example.

Visual Aids

Graphically rich word wall cards and posters that hold students’ attention and help you stay organized. Every term is accompanied by an illustrated example to aid understanding. Used and loved by kids and teachers all over the world.

Activities & Printables

Engage your students’ eyes, hands, and minds with challenging interactive notebooks, worksheets, projects, and presentations that make English-Language Arts fun! Classroom-proven and easy-to-use.

6th Grade Math Interactive Notebooks

6th Grade Math Interactive Notebooks

Graphic organizers, lesson plans, word problems, and visual aids for hands-on, interactive teaching of every 6th grade math standard.

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Math Word Wall

Math Word Wall for Middle School

Middle school math word wall - over 240 cards, color coded and organized by domain.

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Name Writing Practice Sign-In Sheets

Name Writing Practice Sign-In Sheets

Editable Sign-In Sheets for Preschool and Kinder.

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What teachers are saying.

WOW! What an amazing resource! I am so impressed with the lesson plans and the student sheets. It is so worth the money. Thanks so much for sharing this. I am going to spend my summer putting this notebook together so I can use it with my students next year.

Karen M. 6th Grade Math Teacher

What a great resource to have, since it will be the first time I'm teaching this course in Sept. Feeling more confident already! Looking forward to using this with my students.

Winnie L. 6th Grade Teacher

By far, this is the BEST product I have ever purchased from TPT. It is incredibly easy to use, engaging, accurate, and it looks awesome in a classroom! I highly recommend it!

Jennifer R. 6th Grade Math Teacher

My 6th graders really benefited from the interactive notebook! They were able to go back and review the concepts that they had difficulties on throughout the year and better prepare for testing!

Samantha B Middle School Math Teacher

This was the most well thought out vocab set I found. I love it, and can't wait to use it with my students.

Kallie Berg 6th Grade Math Teacher

Simple directions and I cant wait to use it... Yes, No more making sign in sheets!!!!

Lynn A. Preschool Teacher

Yay! Morning sign in made easy! Thank you - I can't wait to use this!

Ms. Fitz Kindergarten Teacher

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