Free Teacher Supplies – Laminating Pouches

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This month, we’re giving away laminating pouches. Enter by October 1 for a chance to win.

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Laminating pouches are great for certificates, flash cards, DIY dry-erase sheets, and word wall cards. For a full description and reviews of the product we’re giving away, click here.

There are two ways to enter. Log in above and answer a survey question, or leave a comment below telling us what next month’s prize should be.

14 thoughts on “Free Teacher Supplies – Laminating Pouches

  1. I never thought I would use a laminator, but I bought one a couple years ago and now I wonder how I ever lived without one!! Awesome prize…thank you!! I think next month should be Clorox cleaning/disinfectant wipes. Have a great September everyone!!

  2. I think the next giveaway should be an Ultraviolet Light Wand Sanitizer. That would come in very handy these days! Thank you!

  3. Heavyweight page protectors. That way I can put a piece of paper in between and my kids can use them as white boards. They could keep them and I wouldn’t have to disinfect them between classes. I could also change it up so they had number lines, fraction lines, coordinate grid or whatever other math thing we were working on.

  4. Thank you for encouraging us! Next month, you could give away Clorox wipes or hand lotion- we’re going through both items quickly in my classroom!

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