Get some teacher freebies here, teachers! This page has links to my teacher freebies on Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook, and TeachWise. The links are organized by subject. I update this page every time I add a freebie to one of my stores. Check back often!



Teacher Freebies for any Subject

Editable Interactive Notebook Tabs (TpT, TN, TW)

How to Make an Interactive Notebook Pocket (TpT, TN, TW)

ELA Teacher Freebies

Valentine’s Day Activities (TpT, TN, TW)

Root Word Tree (TpT, TN, TW)

They’re, Their, There, Theirs, and There’s Worksheets (TpT, TN, TW)

What’s the Difference between They’re, Their, and There PowerPoint  (TpT, TN, TW)

Greek Roots PowerPoint Flash Cards (TpT, TN, TW)

Latin Roots PowerPoint Flash Cards (TpT, TN, TW)

If I Were Stranded on a Deserted Island Writing Activity (TpT, TN, TW)

The Greek and Latin Roots Art Book Lesson Plan (TpT, TN, TW)

Valentines Day Inference Task Cards (TpT, TN, TW)

Figurative Language Word Wall (TpT, TN, TW)

Spooky Synonyms Word Sorting (TpT, TN, TW)

Happy Hangman (TpT, TN, TW)

Print-Practice Teacher Freebies

Editable Print-Practice Paper (TpT, TN, TW)

Editable Print-Practice Paper for Big Kids (TpT, TN, TW)

Editable Weekly Sign-in Sheets – Valentines Day Theme (TpT, TN, TW)

Editable Weekly Sign-in Sheets – 100th Day of School Theme (TpT, TN, TW)

Math Teacher Freebies

Geometry Crosswords (TpT, TN, TW)

Ratios and Proportions Word Wall (TpT, TN, TW)

Math Websites Classroom Posters (TpT, TN, TW)

Order of Operations Poster (TpT, TN, TW)

Algebra Vocabulary Posters (TpT, TN, TW)

Fractions Word Wall (TpT, TN, TW)

Numeric Prefixes Word Wall (TpT, TN, TW)

Geometry and Number Sense Essential Questions (TpT, TN, TW)

Clipart Teacher Freebies

Polka Dot Stars Clip Art Pack (TpT, TN, TW)

Halloween Borders for PowerPoint and Paper (TpT, TN, TW)

Classroom Management Teacher Freebies

Class Notebook PowerPoint (TpT, TN, TW)

Honor Roll Certificates  (TpT, TN, TW)

Visual Art Teacher Freebies

Value Scales Practice (TpT, TN, TW)

Science Teacher Freebies

Science I Can Statements Template (TpT, TN, TW)

I Can Statements Teacher Freebies

1st Grade  I Can Statements – Massachusetts  (TpT, TN, TW)

2nd Grade I Can Statements – California (TpT, TN, TW)

4th Grade I Can Statements – Florida (TpT, TN, TW)

4th Grade I Can Statements – Minnesota (TpT, TN, TW)

5th Grade  I Can Statements – California (TpT, TN, TW)

K – 5th I Can Statements – New York (TpT, TN, TW)

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