I Can Statements for 3rd Grade Math and ELA
I Can Statements for 3rd Grade Math and ELA – School Theme

Printable I can statements that make academic standards easier for parents, students, and administrators to understand. Every standard is rewritten in kid-friendly I can language and accompanied by a colorful illustration that brings the academic expectation to life. Available for K-8 ELA and Math Common Core Standards and NGSS Middle School Science Standards. The I can statements for Common Core Standards come in thirty different themes, including superhero theme, school theme, and camping theme.

Way back in 2010, at the request of a colleague, I made I can statement posters for fifth grade math and ELA. The posters were a hit! Teachers from other grades asked me to make posters for them, too. I was happy to oblige. Fast forward to today: I have made illustrated posters for kindergarten through eighth grades – which works out to about 720 individual posters, each with an illustration, and each rewritten in kid-friendly “I can” language. Thank you to all the teachers who encouraged me along the way! Here’s what a few of them have to say about the posters.

“I am astounded by the quality of your work! The pictures will greatly help my students understand what exactly the standards mean, especially for my EL students. I cannot wait to use them this year. I believe my principal will be impressed as well.”

“I’m so excited that I can’t wait to use this in my class. So often students “see” the standard and have not idea what it means, even after learning the ‘concept’ and ‘ideas’…NOW, with the visuals, I feel that it will be internalized! Thanks!”

Natashia Ogunyemi, 5th Grade Teacher