Name writing practice
Name writing practice sign-in sheets in a Back to School theme.

Name Writing Practice Gets a Digital Boost!

I made these editable sign-in sheets for print practice, name writing practice, and classroom management for my daughter’s pre-school class. In the past, they would make every sign in sheet by hand, writing the students’ names six times – five of them in a hand-drawn dashed-font. It was an extraordinary feat by extraordinary teachers. But I couldn’t help thinking there might be an easier way. So I charged up my wireless mouse, cracked my knuckles, and got to computering. Several thousand mouse clicks later, I had managed to make an editable sign in sheet that worked with the free Adobe Reader. You just type a student’s name one time, press enter, and print. They are great for starting of the school year right. You can easily make a unique sign in sheet for every student in minutes. They work with the free Adobe Reader.

With these editable sign-in sheets, preschool and kindergarten kids get practice writing their names, counting, and learning the days of the week. We make six copies of each, hole punch and tie them with yarn for a handy six-week bundle. The kids keep them in their cubbies and sign in each day when they arrive. When the six week term is over, every student gets a new bundle and the old ones go in a file for backup attendance records.

name writing practice six week bundle
Dewey’s name writing practice six week bundle ready to go!

What about those students with L-O-N-G names? You can fit up to eleven letters on each line. Any longer than that, and you’ll need to resort to a nickname! For last-name writing practice, you can alternate: six weeks of first name, six weeks of last name. (I wish there was a way to fit first and last name on the one line, but that would require making the letters a lot smaller – too small for little preschooler hands.)

The sign in sheets work with the free Adobe Reader. You don’t have to be a tech-genius to make them work. You just type a student’s name in any of the text boxes, then press Enter on the keyboard. Then, voila! The other five text boxes on the page fill in the student’s name automatically. Next step: print and repeat for the next student.

Themes, Themes, Themes!

The sign-in sheets come in over a dozen different themes. Summer, beach, Fall, back to school, Valentines Day, Christmas, Winter, Thanksgiving, Spring, and more. The variety of themes makes it easy to keep up with the changing seasons. The multi-theme bundle is available at a discounted price.

Technical Support

Apple users: yes, these sign in sheets will work just fine on any Apple computer. There’s one technical snafu to look out for. All Apple computers come with an a application called Preview. Preview is great, but the sign-in sheets won’t work right from within the Preview application – the dashed font won’t load and as a result the student’s name will appear in an unattractive default font like Arial. But it’s an easy fix. First, close the Preview application. Make sure you have the free Adobe Reader application installed, then right-click the sign-in sheets document on your computer and choose Open with > Adobe Reader. Alternatively, you can open Adobe Reader, the go to File > Open, navigate to the location where you saved the sign-in sheets file, and open it.

I”m planning to add a video here soon going over these troubleshooting steps. You can also contact me through the contact info in the download if you are having any trouble getting the sign in sheets to work on your computer. As of Summer 2016, the name writing practice sign in sheets are being used by hundreds of preschool and kinder teachers!